I enjoy simple, unique and user friendly solutions. I love creating websites. Have a look at my portfolio. Or get in touch.
„Żaden pomysł nie może zrodzić się w moim mózgu niezależnie od moich pięciu zmysłów.”
Albert Einstein
I love creativity and I believe that „knowledge is nothing without imagination” ¹ I'm a Graphic designer and a creative code developer. Founder of "Four Cents" and "Yaazzo Net", a linked communication-software-design company located in Lodz/Poland and in Dresden/Germany.
My web developer experience started 15 years ago, when the web was blooming. In 1999 I founded "Yaazzo & Redmon Pure Web Design", lately renamed to "Yaazzo Net" - it's now a pure webhosting firm.
I love experimenting on interfaces and graphic. My aim is to focus on Design and technology creating bridges between the two worlds, especially on the web.

Dariusz Paljocha
¹ – Albert Einstein